What's Good For Your Heart

Don't just lay about
You lazy lout
Take a wee brisk
It's good for your heart
Why take the risk
To sit and eat sweet cake tart
Exercise smart
Take a wee brisk
It's good for your heart


I hunger both day and night for wheat
I toil the ground in sun and rain I'm beat
I dig the soil and place a seed of wheat
I plant seedlings of wheat all day long it's a feat
I gaze upon the growth sign of a seed of wheat
I water and care the precious wheat to eat
I long to harvest both joy and wheat
I cut with a sickle the wheat so neat
I gather and strap and carry the wheat
I thresh and clean the wheat I beat
I sing with joy to grind and pound the wheat
I stir the pot of wheat on  heat
I eat indeed to satisfaction, my hunger for wheat

Break The State Of Boredom

Boredom is a state of restlessness,
With nothing to do, it is an act of weakness,
A want, a need and a desire to do an act of usefulness,
But a failure to make an outcome of it to benefit oneself in earnestness,
You're bored because theoretically you are boring in the manner of simpleness,
Boredom creates the art of contriving someone into an act of regrettableness,
A manner contrary to their way of doing things to bring happiness,
It is an act contrary to their conception of liveliness,
Boredom sets in when all those around you fail to register your responsiveness,
Their static and stable mood breeds unresposiveness,
Break the ice of boredom by a simple act of loving kindness,
Break the ice of boredom with useful works of worthiness,
Break the ice of boredom by invitations, with words of superlativeness,
Break the ice of boredom with feasts of festiveness,
Break the ice of boredom by an act of usefulness,
That satisfies both the giver and it's receiver in purposefulness.

Behind The Mask

Behind the mask lay hidden a mystery that is soon to be revealed
It presents itself in true light form but unnoticed to the trained eye
It is a light of falsehood, transforming continually to impress the unwary
No light can penetrate through to the core of the unforgiving mask
To reveal the hidden mystery that lay behind the mask
It's time has not yet arrived for all to view in astonishment
The mystery behind the mask prevails, it keeps on supplying power to the weak
Who does not even recognize where their support pillar of strength stems from
The weak boasts with great power, but it's dominance will be short lived
The owner of the mask has made itself a slave to darkness
It has already rejected the light from entering it's gateway
It refuses to give in but to be swift in conquering the weak to the ground
Behind the mask lay hidden a mystery that is soon to be revealed

Love Is Healing

Anger is bad to the bone
The remedy is laughter but not alone
Rage makes one sick and ill
But happiness is a remedy to instill
Don't even allow fury any mobility
That which upsets ones thinking faculty
Despise all that is stressful to your soul
Allow joy and happiness to reside in your soul
Anger itself is destructive to your health in a very bad way
The effect being a ruination to your organisms, I say
Therefore be wise and acquire wisdom from above
Leave anger alone and pursue Peace and Love

Copyright © 2008 Jesse Evans

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